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Dark Sky ExperienceHere in Teesdale there is a very low level of light pollution.  Typically only a handful of stars can be seen from a city or town, but in Teesdale with several areas designed as Dark Sky Discovery Sites thousands of stars can be visible at any one time. 

The best seasons for star spotting are early spring and late autumn, where clear skies can offer the best views and the beauty of the night sky can be revealed, be one of the few people in England to experience the majesty of the milky way and see a whole new side to the night sky.

Balderhead Reservoir, Burnhope Reservoir, Cow Green Reservoir, Grassholme Reservoir, Hury Reservoir and Selset Reservoir have all be designated as Dark Sky Discovery Sites in Teesdale.  With ample parking at each of the reservoirs, they make ideal locations for a night time trip of star spotting.

The wide open moorland at Tan Hill Inn has also been designated as a Dark Sky Discovery Site, enjoy a feast of stars in all directions and then warm up after your star gazing experience in a cozy bar with a real ale.


Northern Lights at Langdon BeckYou don't need to travel to the Arctic circle to have a great experience of The Northern Lights!  The image here was taken over Langdon Beck in March 2015, and shows a stunning, highly colourful display. With the wide range of dark sky designated sites with 360 degree views available you can enjoy all the brilliance and wonder that the night sky has to offer in Teesdale.