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William Vane 3rd Earl and Duke of ClevelandTeesdale is rich in associations with historic figures.  Even today land management in the dale is influenced by two leading aristocratic families: The Scottish Earl of Strathmore and Lord Barnard of Raby Castle near Staindrop.

The key heritage landmarks in Teesdale, Barnard Castle and Raby Castle offer clues as to the links between Teesdale and the aristocracy through history.  This fascinating tour provides all of the family connections behind the historical buildings.  Discover the Teesdale connection with key aspects of the Rising of The North and the family trees of King Edward IV and King Richard III.

Teesdale has long been popular with artists, poets and writers.  John Bowes, who established Bowes museum with his wife Joesephine, was the illegitimate son of the 10th Earl of Strathmore. Together they created a museum and a spectacular collection of artworks.  Discover in this tour another more hidden Palladian country home that hosted the likes of Sir Walter Scott, Ruskin and Charles Dickens.

The driving tour starts in Barnard Castle and end at Raby Castle, where a tour of the castle interior will provide a wealth of further information about the history and historical families of Teesdale.



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