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 God's Bridge on the river GretaAtop of the bleak and stunning beautiful Cross Fell there is a simple stone marking the start of the River Tees, here in Teesdale its journey begins.  With numerous paths and bridleways the story of the river experiencing its impact on the Teesdale landscape is easy to access.

Best known for the mighty High Force and Low Force waterfall with accessible pathways so that all can marvel at the power of the water dropping over the shelf of Whin Sill rock, Teesdale is peppered with lovely waterfalls and beauty spots along the path of the rivers that travel through Teesdale.  Enjoy the meeting of the waters where the River Greta joins to the Tees just beyond Barnard Castle along the aptly named Paradise Walk.  Find a spiritual connection that inspired artists at God's Bridge on The River Greta. Experience the gentle roll of the water down all delightful becks that run from the tops of the moors into the valley floors.

Juniper Bush at High Force

The walking paths are well marked and are easy to navigate or access the countryside with a group and join the regular ramblers outing.  To learn more about how the landscape has been why not participate in a guided walk and take part in the annual Friends of the North Pennines walking festival that takes place at the end of September.

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